A Cold Day in August

A Cold Day in August

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Liner Notes: 

So as we travelled from Drumheller, the temperature dropped like a stone from about 20C to 11C. It had been 28 at Medicine Hat when we stopped there for lunch. We were all dressed for summer weather-- we had packed for 'fall' weather for our drive in the mountains, assuming it would be cooler there. But this caught us by surprise.


it's a cold day in August
11 celsius outside
after the rains broke the heat

it's a cold day in August
and the broken AC
means warm air blasts at my seat

it's a cold day in August
and my bare legs feel cold
having put on shorts this morning

it's a cold day in August
we've changed climate zones
pretty much without any warning

it's a cold day in August
but tomorrow
we get to see
the mountains
and we're happy

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Nice slice of life, and that guitar sounds lovely. Wish it were a cold day in August here. Have a great time in the mountains!

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We get days like thins in the winter where the temperature changes as much as 25F or 15C when crossing (or being crossed by) a cold front and the winds shift from warm out of the south to cold out of the north just like that.

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I've had that experience that before. I like those days. This song has some nice forward momentum. I get the sense of traveling and expectations to come.

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I could go for some cooler weather. It's been hot and humid around here. another excellent song Smile

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I like the rhythm of this one, it works well with your delivery of the vocals. Another fine tune!