Beyond The Rain

Beyond The Rain

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Liner Notes: 

AndyGetch: I read this wonderful lyric by Kristi *42513 and was moved to ask to put this to music. I felt like I was hearing a Soul Asylum type of vibe in my head, but something different got recorded.


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There’s a certain stillness
That I recognize
As a storm slips away
And I open my eyes

I don’t mind the quiet
It will ease the pain
As my life spirals ‘round
And hope forgets my name

Oh, beyond the rain
There’s got to be sun
Behind the haze
It must be clear
I’m here, I’m there
I’m everywhere
To try to see beyond the rain
Beyond the rain

I don’t watch the time
It has no real meaning
Sitting here the silence
Is like a morning greeting

When the world gets crazed
The sky’s no longer blue
I do better by myself
Make my own damn rules

Repeat ch

And children play in puddles on the street
They don’t need the sun to be free
I wish I could remember what that’s like
Innocence is such good company

Repeat ch

©2020 Kristi McKeever

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really interesting music and chords i use Smile I love F#m and c#m7. Another excellent Kristi lyric. Nice

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Really loved the gentle feel to this arrangement. Great lyric too Smile

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I really love the guitar on this and the pacing of the vocals - it allows the lyric to really dwell in our thoughts with the kind of introspection that the message of the song merits. Wonderful collaboration!

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Andy, there's a quiet longing that comes through and I like the gentle hand you gave it. The melody and guitar strumming in the chorus really gives it a sense of hope. I like the pauses between the phrases in the 2nd half of the chorus too. Nice! Thanks for bringing this lyric to life!

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The lyrics have a peaceful longing feeling to them that Andy's vocal performance highlights quite nicely. I like the chord choices they aren't ones you here too often in songs so they are a nice change. Very nice collaboration.