Skillet and Lid

Skillet and Lid

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Liner Notes: 

This is pretty much autobiographical. My Granny always told me that one day I'd find my man because every skillet has a lid.


Skillet and Lid
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Granny made her cornbread in an iron skillet
I can almost taste it now
With a little advice and some butter
Made straight from her gentle old cow

When I was fed up with lookin' for a man
She'd always tell me not to fret
"There's someone out there for you
He just ain't found you yet

Everybody's got a mate
Just like a skillet's got a lid
Hon you got plenty of time
Why you are just a kid
There's somebody out there
Just you wait and see
In no time at all
He'd be marryin' me

Just like Granny said
I met you and now we're wed

Now we're both eatin' Granny's cornbread
Drinkin' buttermilk from a glass
She was right about a skillet and lid
What she said has come to pass

Repeat chorus

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That's a cool metaphor for the 'right fit'. Glad you found yours and glad I found mine!

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I really love this metaphor and the wonderful nostalgic visual and sensory images that you create in this sweet song!

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Your grandmother's voice really speaks loudly here and it's memorable! It's such a positive lyric with good advice. I'd be really fun to hear it!