End of You and Me

End of You and Me

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Liner Notes: 

Felt like a blues song


End of You and Me
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Well baby I guess we're through
Cause my key won't open the door
Don't know what I'm gonna do
It sure ain't nothin' like before

Baby you used to love me good
Girl I thought it was a done deal
I thought we two were forever
Yeah I thought all of this was real

And I have to tell you it came as a shock
Cause honey my key won't fit in the lock
Guess I may as well toss away my key
Because it's the end of you and me
Why does it have to be the end of you and me

I don't know when it happened
Didn't realize our love was old
I am all alone right now
Cause baby you left me out in the cold

Ain't got nowhere else to go now
My future is lookin' real blue
All I would say to you right now
Is I am always gonna love you

Repeat chorus

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Very bluesy feel to the lyric for sure. Nice writing Cindy!

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Bluesy cadence and bluesy sentiment makes for a good blues lyric. I love the way you ended it ...