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Liner Notes: 

Was looking at what to make for dinner and this popped into my head.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

You had me picked out to conquer
You thought I'd be easy prey
It was always a game for you
But this time you can't have your way

You thought I'd fall for your charm
You thought I couldn't resist
But I've seen your kind before
And mister I'll tell you this

You think you're slick
And have your pick of women
You think you're smooth
And I'll fall at your feet
I think you're a prick
And this is one woman
Who has no time for
An egotistical cheat

Turn around and go away
Today isn't your kind of day

You had me pegged as soft
And I'd fall for you hard
But you don't know who I am
And mister I'm holding the cards

Repeat chorus

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Sharp, biting and really smart. Really nice set of lyrics.