The Pascagoula River Sings

The Pascagoula River Sings

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Liner Notes: 

I came across this story this morning and kept thinking about it, so I wrote this down.


The Pascagoula River Sings
© 2020 Cindy Prince

When conditions are right
In the day, in the night
The Pascagoula River sings

A soft humming sound
Can often be found
The sounds forever rising

Some say the Pascagoula tribe
Disappeared there and that is why
It is their souls that are still singing
With a humming or a bell ringing
If you are patient you will hear it
The music of the Pascagoula spirit

If you sit quietly on the river's shore
You will be changed forever more

Some say they sacrificed
Ready for another paradise
But let all their songs stay

Other legends interact
Are they false or are they fact
Maybe it's for you to say

Repeat chorus

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Beautiful sad yet uplifting lyrics. Very well written. Hope to hear them.

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Great title and good job of telling the story in a lyric. The way you sum it all up in the chorus is excellent.