The Curse of Boontjieskraal (Old Father, Old Farmer)

The Curse of Boontjieskraal (Old Father, Old Farmer)

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The Curse of Boontjieskraal(Old Father, Old Farmer)
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Legend has it
Old Father, Old Farmer
turned them away
On a cold stormy night
They weren't allowed to stay

The cold weary family
Had to cross the river wide
It's said a child or mother
Was swept away and died

The curse was put on Old Father
For generations of sons
Every single one would die unnaturally
In retalliation for what he'd done

Old Father, Old Farmer
drove off a bridge
His son died in a thrashing machine
The Grandson collided with a Packard
The last of the sons car careened

Some said it wasn't real
That curse couldn't be true
But every son died too early
So was it such a rue

Repeat chorus

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Another beautiful one, ladies. Where are these stories coming from? Is this a South African story (from the word)? Marthie, do you tell Cindy about a story and she comes up with the lyrics? I'm interested in the process...because whatever it is, you guys have it mastered.

Another classic!

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Ooo you sure know how to sing our ghost stories! I can't help but get chills!