Empty Nest

Empty Nest

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Liner Notes: 

This week my youngest left home and I thought I'd write about it.


Empty Nest
© 2020 Cindy Prince

From newborn cries and band-aid knees
I've been a mother forever it seems
Helping them chase all of their dreams

From school books and first date jitters
Cats and dogs and all kinds of critters
Science fairs and lots of spilled glitter

One by one they've left the nest
Searching for lives of their own
Through it all I've been so blessed
But this morning I'm feeling alone

From learning to walk and to read
The years have gone like warped speed
I hope I've given all that they need

From first smiles and lullabies
And growing up and waving goodbye
Though I smile I'm wiping my eyes

Repeat chorus

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Very lovely set of lyrics. You have done a wonderful job reflecting on the life of a mother.

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sweetness with a touch of sadness, looking forward to hearing someone sing this,

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Super heartfelt! On the page, it looks short but you have packed a ton of motherhood into those lines.