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Liner Notes: 

metalfoot notes:
@Adnama17 is one of the sweetest, dearest, loveliest people in the world. No sarcasm. She wrote the lyric for me. I tweaked it a tiny bit.


Friends try to tell me
How awesome I am
I don’t understand
How they even can

Think that about me
I’m just a mere man
With imposter syndrome
In a practical tan van

But what if what they say is true
What if I came around
To their point of view

And started believing
And started to feel
That I was worthy
That I had appeal

Even if it’s only
To weird folks online
They’re grateful for me
And that is just fine

I am not sure why
It's hard to believe
What they all tell me
So hard to conceive

Need to remember
God doesn't make junk
And he sent these weird folks
To help me out of my funk

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Absolutely wonderful, heartfelt, and every word is true. <3

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That is powerful medicine, and beautifully crafted. Well done you two beautiful, loveable weirdos.

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TAN VAN! haha

Very nice chord structures. The capo/open chord combo is super effective. I enjoy the sentiment. It's good to be one of the weirds online Smile

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Nice vocal and nice guitar--whatever you did with the capo worked.

Yeah, that "tan van" line was...intriguing.

Anyway--nice collab, gang!

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Kind of appropriate to an earlier conversation (or at least comment.) This is a damn good lyric and I could see how this could go sappy, but it really does feel heartfelt without being cheesy. That prechorus and chorus melody is gorgeous. Nice stutter stop at the end.

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Beautiful heartfelt song and collaboration. Such a pleasure to listen to!