Real Love Remains

Real Love Remains

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Liner Notes: 

UPDATE: My dear friend Gary Knowland (grayland) added harmony vocals and I am now truly in love with this song!

I just love the way this hook rolls off my tongue! The whole song came from that hook and feeling. I like it!


Real Love Remains
August 19, 2020

you and me standin'
on the edge of desire
you and me becoming
the fuel that feeds the fire
you and me riding
on a funeral train
you and me hoping
that our lives would never change

real love remains
you have my heart
we're still the same
real love sustains
we're far apart
but nothing's changed

you and me playin'
in a fantasy game
you and me wondering
if our love can face the flame
you and me hoping
for a miracle play
you and me praying
as the sun lights up the day

real love remains
you have my heart
we're still the same
real love sustains
we're far apart
but nothing's changed

sometimes night
comes early
sometimes rain
will fall
but you and I
we share the journey
our real love
survives it all

real love remains
you have my heart
we're still the same
real love sustains
we're far apart
but nothing's changed
nothing's changed
nothing's changed

© 2020 John Staples

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you have been perfecting your art this year with these ready for radio productions. lyrics are succinct and rest in the melodies the same way as you say the hook rolls off your tongue.

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This is very pretty in its delighfully sparse-yet-full sound. Great lyrics and melody as always.

ductapeguy's picture

That gigantic reverb sets the whole stage. The pizacatto guitar picking almost sounds like a string section. And your vocals are stronger than I've ever heard them. Well done.

standup's picture

Nice job, love that big echo-y acoustic guitar. And sounds like upright bass. Nice fiddle bits. Is this band in a box? Or do you know some really good players...

I hope and wish for lives going forward and that real love will remain. I'm with you on that.

Interesting that the message is hopeful, but the minor-key music makes it a very serious question instead of a frivolous one.

Nice job all around, intriguing and multi-dimensional.

cindyrella's picture

It does roll of and roll right into the delighted people who hear it. Masterpiece John!

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I'm into these spooky open minory chords. Is that a viola? It's beautiful. The bass, too. Getting Steve Earle vibes but it sounds like you. Beautiful love song that, for once, speaks to sustainable love; a topic that is undersung in my opinion. Beautiful.

Gwyn Jones's picture

Such a great arrangement and production of a song that indelibly imprints itself into the soul...wonderful!

coolparadiso's picture

Is that Americana :-). I think it really is. Very different! Very nicely arranged! Nice one.

katpiercemusic's picture

Lovely instrumental opening. I love that guitar. I like the lyrical rhythmic shift between the verse and the chorus and that very simple stomp/tambourine percussion section.

cleanshoes's picture

I'm in love with this too! Great lyrics and arrangement--harmony is wonderful and I can't resist a fiddle! I like the beautiful minor chords in your verses, as well as the little change up in the bridge. Absolutely evokes a slow-burning love.

tcelliott's picture

Gorgeous. Those backing vox really does add a nice feel. But honestly, this is awesome either way. The sparse arrangement, the emotive vocal melody and performance. You've nailed another one.

corinne54's picture

The music is so engaging. Love can be complicated sometimes. The lyrics capture that feeling.

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

The weary tremulousness in your wavering vocals is sublime - and the terse lines in the chorus gave me all the time in the world to enjoy them. There's a lovely savoury resonance to them.

Beautiful lyrics that are sincere and intimate. I feel this song in my heart. I usually don't with songs in general.

(and happy birthday!)

kahlo2013's picture

This song is incredibly intimate and intensely beautiful as a tribute to a long term love - a love that evolves and deepens in different ways over time. The lyrics are powerful in how they convey that love and the emotional vulnerability that dwells in your vocals adds a sense of sincerity and honesty that is so special. The instrumentation with the strings creates a stirring moving feeling as I listen. Congrats on an incredible song!!!

musicsongwriter's picture

Gorgeous song. So beautiful and unique. Love the emotion you both put into this. Truly special and very moving work.