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Liner Notes: 

I've been working on this one for a few years. Chunks of it were written during various 50/90s. I put it all together this spring, but just did some more editing. It's still not FINISHED finished, but it's pretty close and I'm proud of it, and I know that it's cheating a little, but I don't care. I want people to hear it. Also, hopefully this will be the last year that this song is relevant in the way that I felt it was relevant when I first started writing it.


Kings and madmen holding court. They break eggs in their pillow forte
While bastards, schemers, sycophants rum the world in arrogance
And soon the blind man he will see the fool dispensing prophecy
Of cruel deceitful progeny. It's Shakespearean tragedy

He's king of the world. He really has it made
Resting on his laurels and accolades
Engaging in occasional escapades through town
Rolling with his homies and apparatchiks
He don't know he's playing with matches
They smile and sharpen their hatchets down... gonna take his crown

Friends and allies try to advise him.
The yes men really despise him
He won't hear or recognize his plight
They take his throne and dignity
His crown, his home and dignity
Cast him out with vanity and spite

I'm a fool of low repute
But I'm witty and I'm honest and I'm very astute
The picture's clear. You can't refute... Nero's lost his way
The fiddler's playing. The gun is smoking
It's gone to hell and I'm heartbroken
I tried to warn you but you thought I was joking. Heroes rue the day

He's babbling mad in the eye of the storm
An impotent, indigent dinosaur
There's a meteor knocking on his front door and a tarpit for his bed
All the king's horses and all his men
Couldn't put the country back together again
You can wave goodbye to this comedian. Mark it. Remember what I said.

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Wow Katie! This is a lot of fun to listen to! Lovin' the hell outta that trumpet! The overall vibe delivers such a smooth jazzy experience! Love your vocals and how quickly and smoothly you deliver these entertaining lyrics! This is really quite the accomplishment and I'm glad you decided to tweak it and share it here!

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fine job on such an ambitious undertaking, the lyrics flow like bitter honey and i was completely engaged.

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The intro is great, I like how it sets up the tempo change. I am a sucker for musical painting so I loved the knocking on the door with the drums. The chorus is already stuck in my head. I agree, hopefully this song will simply be a witty song about Lear and less topical, soon.

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Yes very good. You really do this style well! Oh and a trumpet! Nice, And your interview is out as well! Smile

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This is great. The wordplay, especially, is really good. That trumpet adds a great jazzy vibe to proceedings.

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See, something like this just makes me want to go to the Edinburgh Fringe right now and see a 20s jazz musical of Lear, with this as the opening song! Masterful work. Also, I love that little modulation on "and soon the blind man"!

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This is excellent. The words, music and performance are all very good indeed. I agree with what's been said about it being very engaging and entertaining. It's a long piece but I was completely wrapped up in it. It's amazing how you build so much music from the three instruments and voices. It's certainly topical at the moment,.A big job to do and you did it very well.

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That trumpet is a tasty touch, it's great. The lyric is entirely too appropriate for entirely too many people (even if I assume the intended target.) You've got a good rhythm and an interesting take on panning, especially in the drums.

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The jazzy phrasing sells this for me - so fun juxtaposed with the cheeky take on the subject manner. I adore the trumpet playing, the breakdown verse, "impotent, indigent dinosaur", among other things. So much good stuff!