I Do Care

I Do Care

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Liner Notes: 

I was late to the Sunday Skirmish, but I did write this song on Sunday. Didn't record it til yesterday, though.
Good ol' guitar and voice, under 2 minutes, says what needs said about how I feel lately.


Life ain’t fair, of this I am so aware
so why care? Why not be laissez faire?

If God’s there, why is there so much despair?
So why care? Why have a cross to bear?

But I do – think that dreams will come true
I do care – I say it like a prayer
I do care

Life ain’t fair – for anyone, anywhere
So why care – why not steal instead of share?

Well I know, though we have far to go
I do care – I say it like a prayer
I do care

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I like the fast chord changes at the ends of the lines - it does much to underscore the caring. And it's catchy!

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A very good song. I think that this is something that could be developed, it has an essentially sound base, there is something very strong and right in this demo. Very good writing and a fine delivery. You are touching on really deep ideas but using simple chords - this is surely a fine way to go with songwriting.