White Gloved Ghost

White Gloved Ghost

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Liner Notes: 

all black notes this time- sounds green and Celtic to me...


White Gloved Ghost
© 2020 Cindy Prince

For 200 years in Scotland
The St Andrew's cathedral
Has housed a lady's spirit

On the stairs of the tower
She eerily whispers
Listen and you will hear it

White gloved ghost
Will anybody notice
The long white gloves she wears
White gloved specter
Do you accept her
As she climbs the stairs

In a hidden chamber
Stone masons found
Her in an open casket
On the cathedral grounds

Up and down the staircase
At night she floats
Wearing long white gloves

She seems to be waiting
For someone to come
Perhaps it is her long lost love
Repeat chorus

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I don't think I can expound beyond how incredibly haunting and melodically attractive this song is. I think the deep sighs interspersed within the verses is a great effect. I'm always in awe of your piano skills. This is awesome,

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Very haunting, very simple and very effective, nice historical lyric and cool delivery.

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love the way marthie takes her time with this, leaving plenty of room for ghosts and their sighs...excellent spectre/accept her rhyme from cindy..i fact i love the whole spooky evocative lyric. when i read it some time ago, i wanted to take it on, but knew i couldnt do it justice. so glad marthie gave it its magical musical life.

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Ah, I had missed this one... Love "White gloved specter, Do you accept her..."

For some reason--having listened to your ghost "series", the mathematician in me wonders if the songs this year tend to be "darker" than past years--just because of the times we're going through. I wrote some dark lyrics over the weekend quite unlike me. (Stay tuned).

This is another beauty, you two. I don't even know why I comment any more--I should just fill the screen up with hearts... <3 <3 <3