No Damn Roses

No Damn Roses

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Liner Notes: 

I used Lyric Cloud and had these words: Blur, drunken, stupor, advances, roses, thought, nights, behavior.


No Damn Roses
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You come home yet again
In a drunken stupor
You try to kiss me but no thanks
I'm so tired you being such a boozer
As far as I'm concerned
You're just shooting blanks

You keep coming home drunk
More and more often
So many nights I sit and wait
You thought I'd put up with it
But your behavior
Is something that I hate

Don't make any advances
I won't kiss a drunken fool
Don't come bringing no damn roses
Buddy you have broken every rule

Your words slur
Your eyes blur
I won't shout
You get out

You keep trying romance
When you don't know
Who I even am
You've crossed over the limit
Soon, very soon
You'll hear my door slam

Repeat chorus

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Wow, this one is dark but great. You cut right to the point and don't sugar coat it. Very nice job!