Life After Beale Street

Life After Beale Street

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Liner Notes: 

A true story I experienced in Memphis, 2016, as a happily drunk tourist with nothing to lose. We made a spectacle of ourselves, both terribly awkward dancers but everyone was together and so happy. Top 10 memory.

This started with the Bassline First Challenge a few hours ago. I recorded three bass tracks before I did anything else. I had abandoned some mostly unfinished lyrics from last week that would have sounded like some boogie woogie NunRock© if I hadn't taken on this challenge.


we just met here in a Beal Street bar
with a neon sign shaped like a guitar
you tell me you don't dance
but it's been a weird night
you say, "I guess I'll bite"

this band is hotter than a pocket
we're dancing like two bottle rockets
look we can see the stars
they're in our eyes
the rest is just disguise

when I wake up, far away
when I wake up, far away

they're playing my favorite Ƭ̵̬̊ song
and I'm floating like Neil Armstrong
I can see the stars
in your eyes
in your eyes
in your eyes

when I wake up, far away
when I wake up, far away

I'll still be dancing

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Lovely capturing of a memory. The mellow and atmospheric music works so well. Now I want to know the rest of the story... did anything lasting come of the night's awkward dancing?

I like the continuing use of space imagery in the lyrics. The spacy, distant lead guitar adds to the vibe really well - there's not a lot of it, but what there is doesn't put a foot wrong. That bass line is interesting, too: it reminds me of the sort of timbres that Mick Karn used to get from his fretless. Enjoyed listening to this one.

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I love the dreamy feel to this and the spacing out of the lyric lets the listener really appreciate what you are saying. I love melody and the bass lines, those along with your delivery of the vocals are absolutely beautiful, very nice job with this song!

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So dreamy - not what I expected from the title but great capture of a memory. I’ve been to Nashville several times, but not Memphis.

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i like the contrast between the mellow music and what i remember as the lively and chaotic bar scene in memphis..but i havent been to memphis since 1980. your vocals are etrmemly pretty, as is your guitar and the floating synth.

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So atmospheric and dreamy. You magically convey the feeling of a memory. I love it. Smile

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Very chill. I like the mellow floaty music against a description of a fairly frenetic scene... dancing like bottle rockets. It captures that nostalgic memory experience.

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I could swim in those chorusy dreamy bass appreggios. Your vocals float on that dreamy lake-bed of an arrangement. Well done.

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This a hazy loveliness that definitely evokes that sort of morning-after-a-good-night feeling. Love the "this band is hotter than a pocket/we're dancing like two bottle rockets" couplet.

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Gorgeous! I was on Beale Street a couple of years ago when a friend was competing in a "blues contest" as Omaha's representative. I hit ALL the bars. Great time. (Then travelled from there up to Nashville--also a great time).

I am uploading an 80 track kind of a mess I spent WAY too much time on today, and then I come here and find a couple of just beautiful and SIMPLE songs. I may need to rethink things! Smile This is just fantastic! Keep it up!

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Waking up to basking in the indelible memories. This has a very transporting and spacious arrangement that communicates reverie so well. So many instrumental touches that increase the feeling of intense sensuality and connection. I also like the way the title foreshadows the magnitude of the moment and yet the memory is told in present tense, like dream recall. Beautiful! The Neil Armstrong image was genius at alluding to so much of the ineffable mystery and wonder.

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What a lovely cool sounding song. Very dreamlike, almost the quality of a memory.
Really enjoyed this one.

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I feel the lovely memory coming through and through this enfolding embracing music and arragement. The lyrics are really good, the tune is contempaltive and enjoying, and the production and crafting is just top drawer! It takes a lot these days to make me truly envious, and I know i shouldn't be! just magic...

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I've lost track of what I listened to and what I haven't...listened through to this, found a comment from @Tim Fatchen. So...yes, what he said, once more, with feeling!