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they say to not write in starlight
because the words might come to life
we could avoid all of the pitfalls
but still end up in a sort of strife
even in a lingerie prison
it makes it difficult to stand up and listen

to the sound of the far off drip
from the pipe fresh off the lips
of the rock star from lincoln park
there on the puget sound
we took the ferry from fauntleroy
on a lark
bathed in starlight
everything turned out just fine

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That buzzy lead synth gives this a jaunty air that reins in the weirdness of the vocal processing. For some reason the first verse made me think of H P Lovecraft, (perhaps because of the view that starlight is a menace that is to be avoided, perhaps because of the idea of a lingerie prison - Howard had some decidedly questionable views about many things), but the slew of Seattle references in the second verse give things a fresher and more optimistic context.