Money (Leave Me Alone)

Money (Leave Me Alone)

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Liner Notes: 

Don't mind me, just working out some work angst...


I’m really tired of hearing you whine
I’m tired of your lack of spine
Just tell me what I need to know
And leave me alone

Reports will be on your desk tomorrow
Then you can get that loan and borrow
Against your home and first born child
And leave me alone

Don’t you realize there’s more to life?
Soft grass, blue skies, a child’s laugh
A lover’s kiss and star-filled nights
Nitwit, get your head out of your ass

Thirty emails later, yet you still
Want to make mountains of molehills
Attach the file before I scream
And leave me alone

The love of money begets evilness
You’ll never get yourself out of this mess
Give your receipts to the receptionist
And leave me alone

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You did it! You wrote an awesome lyric from an accountant's POV. This is so darkly funny, and it flows beautifully. Really, it's great

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I could definitely feel the frustration levels peaking with this tune. Although it has a lot of bite, there's a good bit of satire in the mix to provide a balance with humor. I understand you had to get it out. Good therapy, right?

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Haha yeah, these are some great lyrics.
I like the humour that's not really humour.
It's true, though, there's more to life than money.
Great work here.