Yes Woman

Yes Woman

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Yes Woman (50/90 Challenge)


You're looking for someone who won't ask for much
Who can't afford to because they haven't had much luck
Someone who's still in it for the self-expression
Well as long as there's a stage I'll get right on it

Just call me, I'm the yes woman
As long as you've got room for my song
Yes I'll sing it for you

You've always loved music and you want to work in it
But your empty blog won't get a warm welcome from labels
But worry not, because that's the role that I fulfill
And years from now you'll have a salary and I'll be poor still

But I imagine that someday I'll get to say no
Way off in the future once people start to see my worth

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True words! I like the way you phrase the melody a lot. And the way you end the song.
Your style here reminds me of Lisa Loeb, a forgotten pleasure.

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Lovely voice - nice guitar. Clever lyrics,

You've got the voice right and brimming with the attitude that goes along with the lyrics. That maybe what's worth in the future Smile

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great job in telling how some promoters exploit new artists who are willing to work without getting paid.

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Ouch! These are really clever words. I was looking at a song contest today on Fakebook and the fine print read the promoter kept 50 percent of everything from the winner. I don't know much about the money aspect of the music biz, but the first thought in my mind was here is a parasite, a bloodsucker. You have great worth, and so does your song.

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I love this lyric and delivery! Have heard too many horror stories from friends making a music living (and read about a number of major label artists) that were taken advantage of or even majorly ripped off by some person/entity who claimed to be 'helping'. I also believe in karma coming back around :).

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I like ending up with a dream of being able to say NO. That's a worthwhile vision.

I guess people playing music, we always say yes. Well almost always. I'm in a band, we play most opportunities. But we all have day jobs, we're not making a living from playing. So we have the luxury of saying "no" when things that seem sketchy or fake.

So many drunk guys in a bar have talked to us, said, Oh, this band is so great, I'm going to book you into a string of gigs in MA and NH, it will be great.

Then drunk guy wakes up the next morning and says "What is this business card? Who are these people? Why do I have this?"