Off The Beaten Paths

Off The Beaten Paths

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Joanne Gabriel - Off The Beaten Paths

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while I'm listening this makes me think of just walking through a fantastical fantasy setting. Almost like a castle in the clouds with large vegetation covered areas cliffs, shiny crystal hallways, and huge spacious rooms. Especially love the part around 3:53 with the pads and guitar

Who needs fancy synths with complex wavetable choral pads when you can just *sing* that sort of thing? I remain in awe of your vocal layering technique, Joanne - always a delight to hear it in action! This is particularly ethereal, and the blend of your voice with those reverberant synths is gert lush, as they say around here. The subtle delay dropped on the synth lead had me grinning with appreciation.

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I feel this is so timeless. Days of old or today. Utterly gorgeous!

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Une chanson enchanteur. The vocals are beautiful - as always. This is probably another example of a song where you have to tell people they can't download the Soundfont Pack (tho, we wish we could!). Thankfully @headfirstonly should have stopped those types of enquiries on this song.

I felt like I was wandering through an ancient forest as I listened to this. There are secrets hidden deep within that no human has ever seen, though rumours of their existence seem to circulate. Most write them off as just myths, but this amazing song seems to give these "myths" some credence.

I especially love how the piano & the guitar seem to play off each other. And the way you have wrapped them & your voice in the synths is exquisite. And I can feel the bass deep down in my soul. Wow. The drums sound full and draw the listener in deeper. Maybe we will discover those hidden secrets deep in the ancient forest after all?

On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

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I've probably said it many times, but you always nail the drums/percussion. Of course, the great atmosphere is a big part of any Caterwauler song, but those percussive touches are fantastic. I love the way this steps along: two three. Anyway, I'm love this. Cool music coming in around 3:15, a warm musical embrace. Wow, I'm spellbound

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I just absolutely loved everything about this! actually almost speechless for a change Biggrin This is masterfully composed and carried out!


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Solid track, such a great mood you set, drums fit the pace, all the layers blend so well, has a walking in the forest at night magical feel to it.

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Unlike most other listeners I do not feel I am journeying through a forest, for me this feels extremely futuristic, some of the timbres you use sound like muted trumpets, reverberating with sadness and longing for a day where the sun actually touched the ground, thick clouds, big rain, an avalanche of holographic advertising, flying cars, cybernetic people, faster than thought data, a dead world, bright colors over a dark, dark vista. Yet there is still a big hope, you are miles away from home, worlds apart from where you thought you belonged. It felt like moving away from yourself but you've never been closer to who you are. Thank you I really needed this.