High And Higher

High And Higher

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Liner Notes: 

My entry for the latest Songfight - http://www.songfight.org/
A bit of a production this one and it includes some strings from the Spitfire Audio's free BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover library


We always make a mess of things
So we can realise our dreams
But doing it by any means
Is a thoughtless action

We leave our footprint everywhere
Convincing ourselves that we care
Stripping nature’s assets bare
It’s all collateral

It's all too much
And not enough
It’s in our blood
To fuck things up

High and higher
We build the fire
High and higher

Our jobs are going to the wall
The rich get richer off the fall
Let’s build another shopping mall
It’s a kind of madness

We try to justify the ends
How does it make any sense?
And this is what we’re up against
They call it progress

We've done too much
And not enough
It’s in our blood
To fuck things up

High and higher
We build the fire
High and higher it goes

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that spitfire library is super fun to use. Production wise this sounds fantastic, catchy melody. I really like that chorus, it kind of reminds me of a song that would be by Fran Healy/Travis.

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We sure do make a mess of things and this is so memorable. Love it!

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This is a beautiful and honest song. The lyrics are raw and powerful and the arrangement is superb!

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Such a sad and emotive subject Sad We are such a terrible species Sad
Despite the down emotions, the song still has slightly upbeat feel, which lessens the sadness a fair bit Smile I really enjoyed this one Smile Love it Smile

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The production is as always lush, with so many ear treats for repeated listening. The first part of the chorus is incredibly strong. You manage to pull off the higher, fire couplet.

RalphCarl's picture

Stellar production! Love the chorus , really inspiring. The triplet rhyming is wonderful .

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tis true so we often do! really lovely delivery and production

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Oh, this is so, so good. That CHORUS! Great build and production. These lyrics, too, really speak to me, especially "it's in our blood to fuck things up." Listening on repeat.

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Fantastic chorus and, unfortunately, a message that's on target. Another superb song, from the melody and playing to the vocals, to the production!

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Brilliant music and an insightful lyric which is on point. Great work!

sph's picture

Bittersweet because it's so true. Productionwise another outstanding performance.

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What the hell, this is great! I could talk about why I like it, but what's the point? This just hits an emotional spot for me. Too much/not enough/it's in our blood...Alas!