Do Nothing for as Long as Possible

Do Nothing for as Long as Possible

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Liner Notes: 

So I started writing the lyrics to this in early August....and then got sidetracked. This is a quick and dirty recording...I am sure that if I played around with this more, I could get an even more awesome sound....maybe this winter?

When I tapped into the “oblique strategies” link, I got the title to this song, and this is what came out of that prompt.


Your heart is racing
Your feet are pacing
And the anger that you feel makes you want to run
Your fingers itching
Your eyes are twitching
How can they hurt you so much, and say it’s all in fun

Every cell inside your body wants to seek revenge
Every thought inside your head pulls you to that ledge
Of letting go....just let hate flow.....

Do nothing (8x)
For as long as possible

The list’s amended
Of black lives ended
Because we’ve looked away; ignored what’s in plain sight
Those in power
In their ivory tower
Try’nta quietly dismantle all our voting rights

We want to rage against oppression; tear it down brick by brick
We want to get in a procession, but we’re scared of getting sick
So we hold it into sin......‘Cause we

Do nothing (8x)
For as long as possible

Why don’t we
Do something(8x)
For as long as possible?

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The lyrics are powerful and smart. I like the bones of the arrangement that you have here, your strumming and delivery of the vocals has a great sense of urgency. Very nice job with this one!

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Powerful statement - I like the raw edge to the demo.

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I like the urgent feeling of the tempo and the strumming. Contrasts with the line "do nothing." Loving the lyrics. There's a dissonant guitar chord in the last "do nothing" chorus--I don't know if it was intentional, but it works great.