1350902020 Last Night

1350902020 Last Night

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Liner Notes: 

Actually just mocking someone I know for playing jazz.

I actually dreamt that I bought his very rare epiphone jazz box guitar and immediately started coustomize it in weird ways.

He is very good at what he does, so the joke is on me.


Last night I dreamt I bought your guitar
And I found out I couldn’t play like you
But I gave everyone advice

Last night I dreamt I payed you a suitcase
Of broken dreams and laces
And young girls worn out braces

This morning I felt so bad I had to call you
You said, do I even know you
Don’t know but I feel so guilty and blue

You said, how many guitars do you have?
I said about a hundred
Do you know how to play them
No, not really

I can play Itzy bitzy spider
Shine on Your Crazy Diamond
A bit of Highway to Hell

I strum like a windshield wiper
When I play Eye of the Tiger
I need some Help From my Friends


Last night I dreamt you bought your guitar
And you went on a tour with Ally McBeal
And you sang songs of Barry White
And I had shots in the bar

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So damn clever and lifting. It's a joy to be in on these references which all come off silly and all, but not looked down upon. Strange like a dream and strangely happy.

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The mouth trumpet at the beginning just sets the tone for the whole thing. Whimsical and lovingly mocking--love the lines about "not really" knowing how to play guitar! Smooth and lovely vocal--a great listen.

I loved this. The Bobby McFerrin style intro, the tasteful guitar comping, and the funny story all contribute to a little gem of a song.

I sometimes wonder how guitars feel when they end up being owned by someone who doesn't play (the guy who runs one of my local vintage guitar shops reckons that nearly all the guitars he sells that are more than ten years old are bought as investments, purchased to be placed in carefully humidified display cases, not to be played.) Guitars are meant to be played, and customised if needs be, and if they pick up a few dings on the way, so much the better. Ally McBeal awaits!