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Liner Notes: 

I was stuck today and still have a virtual socializing hangover. Nice problem to have at the end of five moths of stay at home. Slack chat discussion using a discarded word choice as a song prompt (the title) for Song Skirmish Facebook group. I used the word to generate a chord idea then gravitated to the semi-punk thing. Then kind of a semi-nonsensical rhyming word salad.


remove chords
Guitar tuned down a fourth BEADF#B [actual sound(chord shape)]

[B7(E7)] Balderdash
[A(D)] Driving so fast
[D] Don’t want to wear a mask
[E] Heading for a crash
[D(G)] Then night sense smash
[A[D)] Invents the past
[Bb(Eb)] Flirtin with disaster

[B7(E7)] Just nonsense
[A(D)] Crashing in a fence
[D] Logically dense
[E] Won’t make the rent
[D(G)] Compounded penance
[A[D)] Overrides amends
[Bb(Eb)] As though it all depends

On me [G(C)] becoming
To set them [C(F)] free
Unwilling [D(G)] ly
Parting the [G(C)] deep

[B7(E7)] Balderdash
[A(D)] Check the latest clash
[D] Imposters packed
[E] Bragg to cover lack
[D(G)] Loose cue ball smacks
[A[D)] Finally scattered back
[Bb(Eb)] In closed clubs jack
[B7(E7)] Balderdash

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That guitar sounds pretty cool. I'm a big fan of balderdash, and I like the way you let it fly here

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Wow that tuning is interesting, I wasn't even aware you could tune down that far, did you start with new strings? I also really like the strumming pattern. And it's definitely fun to just play with words sometimes, in a weird way I think it improves writing skills.

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hahah wasn't going to listen to anymore tonight, but couldn't resist when I saw Balderdash Smile nice write! with such a fun and sometimes difficult word to use lyrically

Really like the letting it fly feel this has........that's a great tuning tune too Smile I think you stumbled upon a nice keeper after being stuck! well done!