Day at the Buffet

Day at the Buffet

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Day at the Buffet (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

This is a 100% true story that happened to me in Montreal and it made a funny story, so I always thought it would make a good song. I literally don't even need to explain anything because I fit the whole story into the song! Musically I went for a funny folk song vibe. I keep writing more funny songs like this even though I'd rather write serious ones, because when I try to be serious I get too in my head about how it "should" sound, but with funny songs I just feel free, so I keep writing more of them.


My first day in Montreal some new friends took me to the buffet
The menu was a paper and pencil and you could just check off whatever you wanted
The food was great and I was amazed
So I knew exactly where I'd take myself for lunch the next day
I'm gonna have a day at the buffet

My friends had only warned me that you shouldn't check off more than you can eat
Or else you might be charged extra for the food you leave on your plate
But that was okay, because the three of us had had no trouble yesterday
And I was so hungry

You might have realized where this could be going before I did
For that was the day I learned the meaning of the phrase that your eyes can be bigger than your stomach
I hadn't kept count of the items that I'd checked off
And many minutes past the time I thought that I was done
The deceptively small plates just kept on coming
My whole body buzzing and threatening to explode
In a way I'd never felt before

Oh what a day at the buffet, oh what a day at the buffet

Walking the mile back to my hotel I had to take one small step at a time
Taking breaks so that the money I spent on lunch didn't land on the sidewalk
But I kept it all down, and I didn't have to buy
Any more food for 24 hours and do you know what
I never had to pay any extra

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This is so funny and cute, I love it.
And the chorus is seriously catchy, I can see myself remembering that to whistle for my own next buffet experience (;

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Clever way of describing the walk back to not get sick. Very funny story! Been a while since I did all-you-can-eat but can't take any home except in your stomach. Yeah this brings back memories.