The Demon Tree

The Demon Tree

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Liner Notes: 

Becareful when you go into the woods. Some stories could be true......

Got the idea based on a lot of the works @Chandra83 writes. Sort of a style swap? But also not really? More like a mashup, or the "music inspired by" type of soundtrack

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This sounds like the soundtrack to all her NaPoWriMo poems. I definitely going to stay on her good side!

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Do not get on the wrong side of Chandra83 especially when she's in huntress mode... that's the moral of this song...

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Hokoley Mokeley those demon synth sounds are spooky. Wow!

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Deliciously foreboding right from the start ; the percussive patterns are super catchy. Loving how the beat develops while the sense of width grows thanks to the melodic work. Really great.