White Gloved Ghost

White Gloved Ghost

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Liner Notes: 

Came across this ghost story and it intrigued me.


White Gloved Ghost
© 2020 Cindy Prince

For 200 years in Scotland
The St Andrew's cathedral
Has housed a lady's spirit

On the stairs of the tower
She eerily whispers
Listen and you will hear it

White gloved ghost
Will anybody notice
The long white gloves she wears
White gloved specter
Do you accept her
As she climbs the stairs

In a hidden chamber
Stone masons found
Her in an open casket
On the cathedral grounds

Up and down the staircase
At night she floats
Wearing long white gloves

She seems to be waiting
For someone to come
Perhaps it is her long lost love

Repeat chorus

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You're good with these ghost lyrics! I like it. Great chorus. I love your endings, always direct, concise, really grabs me.

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Great title, very evocative. Yeah, there's something about ghosts that makes one feel sorry for them. They are intriguing, yet also ghosts are to feel sorry for, for example because of she's waiting for a long lost love- I dig that ending.

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Wow! 123 writes and still going strong...that's so impressive Cindy and your ghost songs are a genre in themselves especially if Marthie adds her wonderful musical skills...this one is up there with the best I reckon!