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The title coupled with the music puts me in mind of some kind of robot assassin speeding across the landscape in search of its prey.
Th dreamy middle section is an effective break before the aggression of the main theme kicks back in.
Yeah, really well done here.

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i like the agressiveness of the speedy tempo and the distorted sounds. then you shift into soundtrack mode underscoring rather than pushng, but the push returns with vocals that give an eerie squeal to the chase.

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Fuzzy's robot assassin association is pretty spot on for me too (:
I kind of hear it as video game music mixed with soundtrack vibes, very nice in any case!

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Perhaps a hunter in the shape of a priest set in an apocalyptic world where vampires are overwhelming various towns and cities. The priest has been sent out to hunt them down and destroy them and the nest. I know, there's a film version already. Good stuff.

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I do love that buzzy lead. Cool chord progression too. The last chord in the pattern is not where you expect it to go. Nice build. I like that pretty bell sound on the top and the B section with the brighter timbres and more sparsely orchestrated. Ooh! And the final addition of that slide-y synth at the end. Very cool and intense and atmospheric.

I'm getting a Knight Rider vibe, but where KITT is evil and so is Michael.
Nicely arranged and great sound selection.
Love that arp.

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Yeah this does bring to mind all sorts of robot rebellion images.......the tempo shifts are really nice
perfect title........the hunter on the chase, the prey thinking its safe with some heavy breathingish noise? then bam! chase back on!
really great stuff!