Wheels In Motion

Wheels In Motion

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Liner Notes: 

After crashing and burning with yesterday's live stream using Audacity (I won't be doing that again for a while) I scurried back to Ableton to check that I still had some mojo left.

I think I do.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The effects on the guitar make me think of Alan Parson's Project. Especially Mammagamma. The drums are awesome as well. It's got a little bit of a metal feel in there especially with the kick drum. Great track! ( I had a blast listening to everyone on the open mic, and you've got quite the setup!)

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Audacity looked really clunky. Familiarity with a DAW is a big thing for productivity. Nice to hear the guitars are back - this really rocks.

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Wow, this is an incredible song. It feels like it could be the score to an awesome 80s action movie, it's aggressive and really in your face in the best way possible.

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I always just shake my head with wonder at your "technical skills"--perfectly mixed and balanced. You can hear every instrument--just the way you should.

Great, great job!

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This really rocks! Love the guitar tones you're dialing in, both the original riff and then the 2nd guitar. Cool drum groove with what sounds like a double bass drum pattern.

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This is so powerful and punchy and well produced...mojo very much in tact I'd say!

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Lovin the guitar groove! I thought I’d hit the wall with my mojo but then was inspired by a song idea and funny how fast that mojo can come back. Well done!

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No frills? This is excellent, a very full and sophisticated sound. I like the way one the guitars are panned and then the main theme comes in in the middle of the mix.