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Liner Notes: 

It's a little too short. Might add more later.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

I knew you were trouble
I knew I'd be hurt
But you looked like a puzzle I wanted to solve

I knew it'd be painful
You were too much a flirt
But I was lacking any kind of resolve

You were risky
Like blended whiskey
It was perilous
Undoubtedly dangerous
You were daring
I couldn't help caring
For you...oh for you

Flashing lights of danger
What did I think I would change

I knew you were bad
A real heart-breaker
But like a magnet you pulled me in

I knew it was stupid
Thought I could take it
Knowing full well I couldn't win

Repeat chorus

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Maybe needs a bridge or another verse, yeah -- the 'risky/whiskey' couplet is clever.