New Day

New Day

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Liner Notes: 

Last weekend, @barbara and I sat in a Zoom room and "collaborated", meaning played around with some progressions, some lyrics starts, but mostly chatted and drank wine/whiskey. We finally decided to write a song with the same criteria. This is my attempt. Those criteria were:

Use the progression E B D A
Use a capo, partial or regular
Use the prompt 'new/hopeful'
Include a bridge that slows down in feeling or tempo

I almost feel like I should tag her as a collaborator...


Walk into the office late again
And the very second I begin
Everyone is asking me the dumbest questions

Why are you even talking to me
Haven’t had one goddamn spot of tea
How about you go and learn your own profession

New day

Next it’s death by a 1000 errands
Why can nothing ever go to plan
Everyone is acting like an heir apparent

Every dish we own is in the sink
Why can no one ever seem to think
It seems that common sense is not inherent

New day

Is breathing a symptom of being alive
Gotta extract myself from the hive
To this poppycock life I will not be resigned

Gotta let go of my jaded past
And empty out my ego’s glass
Open up my eyes and walk into the sunshine

New day


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yeah i remember it once! very good lyric and nicely delivered

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I like the descending vox and chords in the verses contrasted with the hopefulness of the "new day" refrain.
The "ego's glass" image is really great.
This is slightly more hopeful than hopeless to my ears.
Great job!

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Your lyrics capture feelings so well that I suspect are felt by many of us. I love the backstory about how this evolved, as well. The chord progression works well and your delivery is great.

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Let’s see: VERY creative, original rhymes; love the meter/delivery on the last lines of each verse; you checked off more challenge points than I even recalled we had stipulated (thanks for the reminder); telling it like it is; and the hopeful turn that doesn’t depend on anyone else changing, so it’s actual power. I love it!!