Vehicles ...

Vehicles ...

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Liner Notes: 

This is the 7 4 track from yesterday's skirmish.. only I had to scrap what I was doing and restart.

My orignal was "road trip" but a) it wasn't written as a 7 4 and didn't work well with the drum beat and b) a road trip isn't a vehicle ... though it might involve vehicles.

I decided to write a lyric that would work with the beat I'd set up and I've come up witht his.. It may not be perfecct but it has something going for it.


Cars and trucks and cycles too
Vehicles are they passing you?
Whizzing by and going too fast
Think this moment is your last?

Noise it gets you - traffic roar
In your ears you can’t take more.
Conversation stops it dead.
In your hands you hold your head

Motorbike he loves to zoom
Not like us, he goes vroom vroom
We jump at the sound its coming
He thinks of his engine humming..

As he sways we see a threat
But he’s having fun you’ll bet
Close to tarmac, over line
He just made it - cut it fine.

love to dance with death they do
smugly get their kicks while you
nervous on the pavement trot
Wish the traffic would just stop.

Vehicles feat of mans endeavour
Well you thought you were so clever
they rule we are compromised
Say you’re not at all surprised.

Vehicles sposed to help us be
More fulfilled so we can see
Those who we’re connected to
Do you think that’s what they do?

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nicely done lyric! many great lines and the whole thing is rhythmic and flows well!

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How did I not see this until now? Great imagery in these lyrics, and I really like the structure of the bridge. Would love to hear it!