Care/Don't Care

Care/Don't Care

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Liner Notes: 

Here's my very fast write.


Care/Don't Care
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I don't care for kidney beans
Black olives or flat beer
I don't care for ketchup
I could even throw up
So I stand clear

I don't care for assholes
Bullies and empty souls
I don't care for fake people
Those who are deceitful
And have to have control

I do care about honesty
Not apathy
I do care about love
Not hate
So I'll wait
For the things I care about

I don't care for tall buildings
Nor any closed in place
I don't care for big crowds
Things that are too loud
Trying to run in a rat race

I don't care about opera
And only some rap
I don't care for modern art
Or at least a part
Or any crap

Repeat chorus

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mikehex's picture

Interesting how you have two dichotomies going on here (the trivial vs. the crucial, and the positive vs. the negative) and how the meaning of care fluctuates between preferences and principles

Great work on the skirmish

Amanda West's picture

I'm with Corinne on empty souls and assholes Smile Defo an incredible and oh so truthful line Smile
Please let me know if you get a collab as I'd love to hear it Smile

AndyGetch's picture

Yay, a list song! I like how the chorus flips to what the singer cares about.

tjeff's picture

Love the contrast in the chorus to what you DO care about. Moving from food you don't care for to people was interesting and gave me a chuckle. Each verse stands on its own very well.

Scubed's picture

I love this! Smile The transition from ketchup to assholes made me laugh, and the rhyme of “assholes” and “empty souls” made me smile with appreciation. Making the chorus a positive statement is a great contrast with the verses. Wonderful skirmishing!

coolparadiso's picture

Ha ha you got me! I thought another nice homey Cinderella song and verse 2 smacked me around the ears! Very good.

mike skliar's picture

black olives and empty souls! (somehow i put those together from different lines in your song)
nicely done! really evocative lyric

dzd's picture

I don't care for black olives either....while green I can deal with for some reason :/ I guess because they're usually soaked in vodka and or gin Biggrin

yeah assholes/empty souls is a great rhyme/thought combination, and nicely done adding in some stuff you do care about! in the chorus, great contrast

well done!