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Liner Notes: 

I've had this chorus for over a year. I wrote it for as a possible for Song Fight! with @tcelliott, so this sounds a lot like Evil Grin to me, it's just me playing all the parts. I almost hit him up for it, but I have been wanting to get into programming drums, so I saved it for myself. The drums took me a LONG time, but I actually think I have it figured out now. Whether the drums are good are not is another matter entirely. Hahaha! Watching @headfirstonly yesterday write that song in a hour(ish) was very helpful. I was making it too complicated. What...? I would never do that. Biggrin

I don't like the second verse, but I couldn't think of anything else. If something better comes to mind, I'll switch it out.


It’s been a long time comin’
Shoulda left you years ago
Why’d I think that you would ever change?

All you do is take what you want
And give me nothing back
Don’t know the rules to your damn game

I’ve gotta protect my heart
My mind, my soul
You’re not getting in anymore

You can look, but I wouldn’t touch
You can beg, but it won’t help much
You can cry, but I’m not your goddamn crutch
This porcupine’s got her quills up

It was that night in Vegas
That was the final straw
Enjoy life with your stripper whore

It wasn’t her fault alone
Take responsibility
Walk your fucking face out of my door

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Well I actually thought that this would be about porcupines.
Silly me.
Really great drum programming.
Totally worth the time.
Direct and to the point lyrics.
Nice job!

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Look at you. Programming drums like a pro. Next stop, SYMPHONIES

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Drums sound great! - nice fills. Solid pre-chorus and chorus. I think the 2nd verse is just fine, some good appropriate salty language. Nice one! I need to do more drum programming - I finally found a few step sequencers that work fairly well (Reaper, Mixcraft). Nice thing about midi drums is you can easily change drum kits for a whole new sound.