Black Widow

Black Widow

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Liner Notes: 

Last night we were sleeping when my husband felt something crawling on his head. It was a brown recluse spider! He was able to smash it but he had trouble going
back to sleep. Decided to write about a spider.


Black Widow
© 2020 Cindy Prince

She is a spider
You better watch out
She will kill you
There is little doubt

She is a widow
But she doesn't mind
Always looking
For her next find

So sharp and intense
Can you take the suspense
With a bit of blood red
You're better off dead

Can you feel her crawling legs
It does no good for you to beg

She is nearby
You better look
She won't let you
Off the hook

Always waiting
You cannot hide
She will never
Be denied

Repeat chorus

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Those lyrics are enough to inspire arachnophobia in someone who doesn't actually have that phobia, and, of course, 'black widow' will always be taken metaphorically as well as literally.. Hope someone gives it the rock treatment it deserves.

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Great set of lyrics, I like that you are literally writing about a spider but it could be taken as a dangerous woman too. Very nice job!