High-voltage hooligan

High-voltage hooligan

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Liner Notes: 

Because I build amplifiers that run scary high voltages, a friend of mine called me a high-voltage hooligan recently. I love it so much I've had it made into a t-shirt!

And this is the first proper test of the latest amplifier I've built. Guitar is straight into the F'Watt - an all-valve, four watt amp. Line out to mixer, then to Reaper where I'm running Acme Bar Gig iFace cabinet emulator. The impulse responses are from Red Box and it's their Krank 4x12 models I'm running into, virtually miked at cone centre with Shure SM57s. A touch of reverb from Stone Voices, and that's it for the guitar.

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Well, I didn't understand hardly a word of your liner notes but I nevertheless enjoyed the guitar very much! And I like the nickname. Wink

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I'm melting in that guitar tone. Man. That amp kicks.

I love the t-shirt. Would love to see what it looks like Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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Oh, I love this! There is a funky jazzy quality that the bass groove and percussion creates that just lets the guitar soar over it. I love those deep bass tones against the higher electric guitar notes. I love the little flourishes that come in as the song goes on, they break things up quite nicely. I can see why this is marked as a favorite!

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so not the trip i expected with that title! groovy though in a barely moving chair dance way.sounds great... great t-shirt too. i am just writing a song about band merch