New York Superstar

New York Superstar

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Liner Notes: 

This is my third collab with Mr. Technicolor Gramophone this year and the second in our KISS style series. He sent me some riffs that I turned into the instrumental and then he sang and wrote the lyrics. I made the track 10 days ago, right now I am zapped of inspiration having spent it all in the first month of 50/90. I still have a few ideas though, which are other collab tracks that are coming at some point. I'm just taking it easy right now. It's my intention to change musical direction for my next album. I always say that though so we'll see if it actually happens this time.

This is based on a true Paul Stanley story. Inspiring! He said he's be on the marquee, and, a few years later, he was! Thanks to KK for such rocking music - I love what he did with the bridge, which could not sound more like KISS.


I was drivin' a cab
I was driving' a man
to Madison Square Garden
I pointed to the marquee
and said "that'll be me some day"
He said, "Whatever, you say,
here you go and by the way
keep the change"

Well, now he's who knows where
and I'm standing right here
a bona-fide, six-foot high
New York Superstar

I walk down the streets
and I feel 10 feet tall
and all the ladies stop and stare
they like my guitar, my hair
and my rock and roll flair

Cos I'm a New York Superstar
I've come so far
and you can too
if ya do like I do

So I shout hello to all my people:
in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens
and Manhattan, the heart of the scene
for a real mean ...

New York Superstar
I've come so far
and you can too
if ya do like I do

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Ha...I love the ridiculous rocking swagger here! It's so damned catchy, and quite a departure from the usual TG lyrical style. I can do it, too? Hell yes, teach me the ways of the NY superstar. I'm a willing disciple

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A big, big, big track! Radio ready. I like the confident style. The instruments are great and the vocal is powerful. Great dynamics too. The guitar breaks are just perfect.

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Rock on brothers!

See You In The Shadows…

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I saw KISS in Omaha an eternity ago, and remember having horrible to the side and a little behind the stage seats. Yech! to see all of the pyrotechnics they were so famous for back then.

Also, my girlfriend from back then that I took to the concert resurface about a year ago, so...maybe things will get interesting again. Maybe we'll even...KISS!

Great job on this guys! Love the story AND the performance!

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What a powerhouse of a duo! Nice!

Gotta believe it to make it! Super stars don't grow in trees you know.

Very energetic stuff.