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Liner Notes: 

A trance tune from Manoptic!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love the use of the fade in, it makes the song feel very mysterious. This is a solid EDM track, I was unable to stop myself from dancing in my seat. The synth melodies are great, the mixed tempos work to build anticipation and the percussion is bordering on hypnotic. Very nice track!

Love this. A gorgeous blend of beats and arps that fit together seamlessly, and a groove that is impossible to hear without doing chair dancing (as I am doing right now as I type this). Very slick - and having enjoyed nerding out over your Ableton/Kontakt setup on Zoom yesterday, I can appreciate just how much work went in to making this sound effortless.

(In fact I just realised that I've been typing in time with the beat, that's how infectious this is.)

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Haha that’s awesome. We’ll have to talk about the setups cause yours was wild. (I literally only work off of an axiom 25, and a laptop. Manoptic uses FL studio, and a bunch of NI stuff as well)

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Lovely! The warm and welcoming intro gently prepares us for the bouncy atmosphere that follows, and the deep waves of synth add a mystical feel to the piece. The buil-up is great, rich in contrasts. .