Impression 1: A Place for Quietness

Impression 1: A Place for Quietness

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Liner Notes: 

"Three Impressions" came from a Saturday evening attempt at creating some actual music rather than listening again to Mean Mary and her amazing banjo playing or recording YetAnother12BarBluesSong. (Yes I know I should have been listening/commenting, that's Sunday night's to do)

The Impressions are in order: first, creating a quiet space. Next, dancing around a bit. Finally, heavy and portentous--you'll come for the sequel!

"A Place for Quietness" is a sketch which I will later clean up because I'm happy with it! Romantic/Impressionist feel piano solo intended for quiet listening.

Music Copyright © 2020 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS
Patches courtesy Garritan Personal Orchestra



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Very nice, yes and peaceful and goes with the picture! As a fisherman that would be my peace.

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Between you and Nadia, I'm starting to feel pretty chill. Very nice, Tim!

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I needed this tonight, if only to lower my BP. We're having a nice fall sprinkle and your piano has captured the mood i want to sit with it, properly.