Thirty Thousand Feet

Thirty Thousand Feet

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Liner Notes: 

This was a skirmish run by @Robyn Mackenzie

TOPIC: Vehicle
Optional prompts: Use a dramatic change in tempo; write in 7/8

I used to fly a lot for work and for fun, back when people did that sort of thing. I was sometimes told I was lucky that I didn't have a fear of flying.

Of course I have a fear of flying. It's terrifying and insane. I understand the physics of it, this does not make me feel better. I've seen the statistics as well, they do make me feel a little better, but still. It's crazy. The only thing that helps me get through the flights is how incredibly amazing it is that we can do this insane thing.

So anyway, the song. I had a lot of trouble getting into 7/8, but I think I got a decent feel eventually. I had to give up on the dramatic change in tempo though, only so much that a fellow of my mean talents can handle. I also had to forego a bridge cause I just didn't have time. Maybe I'll come back and write one someday, maybe not.


The miracle to fly above the clouds
Can barely be believed
Four turbines keep us aloft
At 30,000 feet

The in-flight entertainment is on
The baggage stowed nice and neat
But some part of us knows that it’s wrong
To be at 30,000 feet

Because the air coming through the vents above
Is nothing to what’s rushing by
It cradles the wings close as a glove
Assaulted by the turbines

What madness drove us to fly
Strapped by a belt to our seat
The emergency exit can do you no good
at 30,000 feet

We’re jostled as the air protests
Our invasion into its keep
I’m amazed at those who take their rest
At 30,000 feet

Don’t they know we’re in a precarious place
How can they keep so cool
When the demands pushing us at such a pace
Must quickly exhaust our fuel

And all who has trusted in this machine
From coach to the elite
Could discover we’re closer than it seems
At 30,000 feet

I hope I’ll see my loved ones again
When my journey is complete
But first I must survive a descent
From 30,000 feet

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So great to hear this with music! The lyrics are actually quite anxiety provoking. Glad I don’t have a flight out tomorrow! You really capture the thoughts of someone with the fear of flying! I have never worried about flying - well until now....

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I love these lyrics. Your voice soars throughout the piece, almost like a plane. Biggrin Very nice take on the skirmish!

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Nice work describing the tension and surreal experiences, also understanding the science and relative safety by comparison, I have felt many times in an airplane. Was fun to hear this one live at the end of the virtual skirmish!

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I love this! Really enjoyed hearing you do it live in Robyn’s FAWMstock skirmish. Smile