Three Cheers for Ethylene

Three Cheers for Ethylene

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Liner Notes: 

This one has been mocking me for a good while. Actually a just lyrics version of this was kind of incoherently posted on the FAWM site in February.
I could not seem to musicate this for the life of me. So, here's what I finally came up with. Such a wordy song. Lyrics have been been heavily edited, chopped and diced
scattered and smothered. Even added new lyrics that kind of changed everything. Not sure if I like the third verse so much. Hoping the band will want to put the rockification on this one.Three Cheers for Ethylene.


Three Cheers for Ethylene

I'm pulling 7 twelves on the turnaround, down the river at Armageddon Inc.
Staking grade, pouring dry bottom, setting anchor bolts for their devil machines
When I was young I signed my name and they gave me a nickel for my hopes and dreams
I get up early now , about dark-thirty, with a cup of Joe and roll down stream

Coming in on River Road ,there's a red light up on Unit 9
Like the Dark Lord searching for the Master Ring, he's going to cut me down, it's just a matter of time
There's a monster flare burning up the fog, reminds me of Dragons Breath
I close my eyes and let go of the wheel, send up a prayer to Methyl Ethyl Death

Like worker bees streaming into the hive, we break our backs until the day we die
For the take home pay, we live for the queen, we give our love to Ethylene

Three cheers for Ethylene

When we badge-in they search our trucks, looking for guns and drugs and stuff
We're stone cold sober, but it's still messed up, I guess one more dollar is never enough
The Man comes round for his report, writes it all down on his clipboard
Snaps a few pictures and checks on things, flies away on his leather wings

We've got steel toe boots and fireproof suits, respirators to muffle our screams
Shatterproof glasses with the side blinders, so we can deny the things we've seen
Safety showers everywhere you look, in case we step in the ethylene
One more dollar for the crimson king
Three cheers for Ethylene

But I'm getting by, living the dream
Since I gave my love to Ethylene
Down the river at Armageddon Inc.
Three cheers for Ethylene
One more thing this world needs
More ethylene
We got respirators to muffle our screams
In case we step in the ethylene
Sold my love to the Chemical Queen
Three cheers for Ethylene

Ralph Goodson 8-15-2020

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I really like that guitar part, the way it rings out. Lots of solid, good stuff there, it's powerful.

I lived in Baton Rouge when I was a young kid. There was an oil well in our neighborhood, out in the woods. I remember seeing the flames on the horizon, a smoke stack burning off excess fuel or something.

I know petrochemical industry is huge in LA. The red eye on Unit 9 is cool, Mordor, OK, I know where we are. I like the guy with the clipboard flapping away on leather wings, clearly Nazgul.

I like the blinders so workers can deny what they've seen , and the name of the company: Armageddon, Inc.

Lots to like here, from the sound/flow/melody to all the details in the story.

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interesting to hear the development of this. good message in there! You've ended up with a very good song. i really like this!

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That is some sweet guitar. This would be a tremendous rocker, but you create a pretty smoldering vibe all by yourself. I love the "three cheers" line and the way you sing it. You have a total winner here, in my view. Ethylene is a word that was made to be sung. I love the wordy nature of the song, given that you spill out those words in such a musical way

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Ringing guitars and the ring of truth! I write lyrics that I make up, but this sounds like you totally live it. Big applause!

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I like this song a lot, I find the guitar interesting, you have a very nice folksy voice and there is just so much depth in the lyrics. I wish there was a video demo so I could check out your guitar technique!

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You provide so many vivid descriptions that it's easy to be drawn right into the story, the plight, and these individuals' world. It's a compelling "day in the life" kind of story and I think this line: "Shatterproof glasses with the side blinders, so we can deny the things we've seen" says so much, along with other key words & phrases, like the man flying away on his leather wings. Flowing guitar & vocal add to the matter of fact resolve in the story. Great stuff!

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Just heard this on Calum's show on SRS Radio - really cool writing that's a perfect anthem for these sorry, dystopian times. It's dark, but it's *scientifically* dark!

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Wow! This is every much to take in...a marvelous write and performance!