Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

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Liner Notes: 

FAWMSTOCK Saturday 3PM EDT @Robyn Mackenzie skirmish prompt from @IA Bard Cards 'Vehicle' with optional added prompts to use 7/8 time and a dramatic change in tempo. Written in 30 minutes.


remove chords
Electric Vehicles
Dramatic change in tempo
7/8 time
alternating with vamp

Fast tempo
Electric vehicles
Are really quick
With instant torque
More fun than a stick

Electric vehicles
can’t go as far
Most have less range
Than a similar gas car

Electric vehicles
Cost less for fuel
Fewer moving parts
To need repair with tools

Electric vehicles
Are tricky on trips
Take awhile to charge
Plan to be a tourist

Electric vehicles
Are fun to drive
When I’m feeling zippy
Thrilled to be alive

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Nice incorporation of tempo changes! This is really catchy, great skirmish

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Hey! This skirmish was meant for you given the subject and time signature and you nailed it! Great job with the 7/8 and tempo. Nice tight lyrics too!

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Wow, what a great take on the card! I really enjoy the chords you use, and the tempo changes work really well.

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Very metalfoot-sounding perpetual guitar sound there. Biggrin Great write on a theme dear to your heart!

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I admire how you work with so many prompts and you always follow the musical challenges too! Did a good job with the tempos here. The lyrics have a cute feel to them almost like a children's song and I actually quite like the chords together too.