The Hole in the Street

The Hole in the Street

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Liner Notes: 

I'm not ashamed to say that I was one of the onlookers noted below.


They're digging a big hole
everyone's watching - young and old
cos for some reason it's interesting
to watch other men working

Working with diggers and bulldozers and yellow trucks
Helmets and goggles and all kinds of stuff
and we're watching them dig this hole in the street
it must be 10 feet deep (at least!)

Are they looking for bodies
or shoddy
ruptured pipes
electrical wires
or cables right
beneath our feet?
(I don't know - and I'm afraid to ask)

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I love this celebration of the everyday-- a look at the realities that unite us as human beings. That curiosity of the unknown. Clever lyrics! The melodica solo was fun.

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Very clever. Reminded me of a lyric I wrote a couple of years back people watching in the park. lol

What you've got is good, I like it. Words, vocals, the beat and all.

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There's a certain fascination to watching guys wreck stuff with heavy equipment.
I like the jackhammer sample.
"Ruptured pipes!!" in the background cracked me up.
Oh yeah, really nice Melodica solo there.
Great job!

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are you old enough to remember the dobie gillis show om television that had the running gag of beatick character mayard g krebbs always going out to see a building being torn down? that was the cultural push that led to my need to stop and watch the goings on at every construction and decostruction site i passed. the qurstions you ask in the song, however, didnt occur to me then,

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What a wonderful premise for a song that captures the curiosity that we have and the speculations we might make. It is funny how that builds a sense of community as we all wonder what is that? Love that guitar pattern and wonderful rhythm and great vocals. Fantastic song!

Great lyrical theme, questioning the mundane things. The drums make this go along nicely, I like the acoustic a lot and the general space here. The second part of the verse is cool, I like the added sounds and backing vocals. 10 feet deep (AT LEAST).