A Sunlit Sky

A Sunlit Sky

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Liner Notes: 

cindy's note: I wrote this about a young girl in Uganda who was badly burned and died yesterday. They tried to save her, but the burns were too severe.
Marthie: (played my number game again with the title) c>gabgea>gfg
And this is a whisper song because everybody is home and I am not aloud to make a lot of noise....so I call this a whisper song. Did a 'tierce de picardi' at the end which I like


A Sunlit Sky
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Maybe like a bird in flight
This girl so precious and full of light
Took a piece of day and night
With her

What's been lost is her gain
She is past all the pain
Her spirit's on the heavenly plain
With God

Sometimes there are no answers
Though we search for reasons why
Perhaps now she's a cloud dancer
Running through a sunlit sky

Maybe she'll come in dreams
Tell loved ones about silver streams
Everything is better than it seems
With her

Though her loved ones are distraught
She is nearer with just one thought
She sees things that we cannot
With God

Repeat chorus

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great inspiration piece a, well developed lyric and a lovely delivery

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This is so lovely and so right for what I wanted. Makes me emotional. Thank you!

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Stunningly good! What a fantastic collab...one of so many with Marthie...great partnership!

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My weekends are for lyric-writing, and I record and upload Monday through Friday.

So it's nice to start my Monday morning off with another collaboration by The Queens--Cindy and Marthie.

Another classic--gorgeous lyrics and I've run out of superlatives for what I think about Marthie's piano and vocals. Another awesome achievement!

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This is a tough subject matter for sure but it has been treated with a great amount of respect and care in both the lyrics and the performance. Very well done to both of you!