Harold Lauder

Harold Lauder

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Liner Notes: 

@liz_frencham declared a skirmish challenge on the theme "Watching" at the beginning of her fawmstock session (great session, by the way). I wasn't as quick as @metalfoot who wrote a set of lyrics in the ten minutes following, but as soon as the session was over I got to it. Took about 45 minutes

I've been reading "The Stand" by Stephen King, and Harold Lauder is the creepiest of all creeps in terms of watching others. He's also *really close* to being sympathetic for nerdy, bookish dweebs who might feel under-appreciated by women. But... he's too much. He is the slime that we all hope not to be.

I'd been playing around in DADGAD for a day or so, so the music was basically tee'd up. Just had to hit record and figure out what Harold was going to say


I’ve been watching, watching you now
And I want you to know how I feel
But what’s wanting, of all in the all
Is how you disavow, what I call real

So this me, inside my head
Can I feel, so misled

And I’m watching, watching myself
messing the thing straight through
And you’re shrugging, shrugging me off
I can’t think, I don’t know what I’ll do

This is me
Say on, see what you feel from outside
Stay on, cultivate the hate and the ride

I may want you, but what matters that
When you won’t appreciate
What I’ve done for you and us both
But every dog must have his day

And this is me, inside my head
What I need, hunger to be fed

Stay on, bear witness to the deed
Stay on, this way or that, you’ll serve my need

I’ve been watching, watching you now
You must understand what I say
I know I’ve lost you, it matters not at all
Appreciate my love, and my pain

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I love that used the word 'disavow'! Such an intense combination of sound and lyric. Great skirmish!

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The edge to the music really reinforces the lyric nicely. Good melody too.

Well, that combination of tags was irresistible, of course. Very 60s psychedelia vibe to this (which fits nicely with the ethos of King's book.) Great grungy guitar absolutely nails the tone, too.

If I was mixing this, I'd *seriously* dial back the gain on the vocals; when you get loud, that's all there is to hear. The vocal would also benefit from more compression, to even out the extremes in loudness and stop you having to ride the faders. But yeah - I'm not going to use the word "trippy" for this because of the Captain Trips / Covid-19 associations, but I totally get the tone.

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Pretty cool song, nice bounce to it. At first i thought it would be about Sir Harry Lauder, but no, apparently! Loved that heavy drop D feel too, you have put in just the right amount of "rock".