The Rain

The Rain

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The Rain (50/90 Challenge - written live in 1 hour, link in description!)

Liner Notes: 

Wrote this in an hour on Facebook Live as part of virtual FAWMstock, so I tried to keep it fairly simple. I got "rain" as a prompt from an external challenge, randomly selected a key and some simple chord progressions (which were changed slightly) and went from there. You can watch the replay of my writing process here: The sharp eyed might notice that I changed a few lyrics here and there, but that's a writer's prerogative!


It's been a few days since you went away
It's been a few days since I felt right
The bags under my eyes have been killing me
Well I've been lying awake every night

Since you went away the rain
Follows me all through my day

It's been a few weeks since you went away
I'm still yearning to see the sun again
I still wake up every morning and make my coffee
But even coffee's not a perfect friend

Been feeling like the rain is gonna fall forever
But I know that the clouds are gonna clear
The rest of my life can't just be stormy weather
And with the sun one day my strength will reappear

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one of the things i like best about yours songs is the the way you fit the parts together. i never get bored because the develpment of the melody progresses with each section. it never feels like you are repeating anything, even in a simple reptitive chorus there is variety of expression

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Those opening few lines really draw the listener in. I really love how your vocals sound on this one, there's a pretty sadness to them. I like that you start out sad but build to a more hopeful ending. This is a solid song no matter how long it took you and even more impressive that you wrote it in an hour. Really nice job with this!

A lovely, mournful, wistful song. Really captures the way that the absence of someone special takes the fun out of life. You know you've got anhedonia (I love that word) bad when even the coffee doesn't work.

And it's *totally* a writer's prerogative to change stuff. This year I got to the mastering stage with one track, suddenly thought of lyrics to one verse that were obviously better than the ones I'd got, so I went back and recorded them. That was a radical departure for me. You would not believe how long it's taken me to realise that I could revise and edit instead of insisting that changing a song after the fact compromised the thoughts I had and the emotions I was feeling at the time it was created - but I can tell you it was decades.

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Well it's lovely, and very direct. I suppose it goes to show sometimes something written in the heat of the moment can feel more direct and real.

Excellent melody, great performance here! I like the lyrics especially the coffee's not my friend line. This is just a really solid tune, good job!

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Has a refreshingly youthful honesty mixed with the wisdom age brings wrapped up in music that is very easy on the ears. I love that there's no affectation in your vocals -- they sound like you're confiding in someone you trust.

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It was so much fun watching the video and writing along to the prompt. While the writing time period was one hour, even more impressive was verbally explaining the process, which is a lot harder as it interrupts the creative process. I mostly ignored the chat, turned down the volume when I was writing/recording, and didn't have any of those distractions to deal with as I was writing along. Well done and thanks for being open about your process!

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This is so pretty! I love your voice, and the melody on the chorus here especially is really memorable. Great work!