Rain Falls Down

Rain Falls Down

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Liner Notes: 

I treated the opening session of FAWMSTOCK http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/fawmstock-fly-wall-song-hour-writing-session-today-4-pm-edt as a skirmish where I used the prompt 'Rain' by @Amanda Rose Riley and some of the chords she started with then went in my own direction and wrote and recorded the song during the hour session.


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Rain Falls Down

Days I feel the rain
Passing through the pain
Ran but could not hide
Looking for the flow
Searching what I know
Way down deep inside

Left it all alone
Don’t feel safe at home
Carrying this weight
Trying to decide
Have to pick tonight
I would really rather stay

Rain falls down
Pounds the ground
Surrounding feelings

Looking for a break
From all my past mistakes
Hear the thunder clap
Air is turning cold
Forgetting what I know
Watch the lightning slap

Time is running out
Critic sowing doubt
Wondering just when
Trying to decide
Have to pick tonight
Or I start again

Repeat chorus

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I like your melodies. Way to take a common start/prompt and punch out a song.

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I really like the music to this one! Very calming and almost hypnotic (like the sound of rain). And cool that you started with some of the same ideas but then changed it up. But how on earth did you have time to watch part of my stream and then write and record this before the hour was even up?! Haha!