I Wonder If The Trees Get Lonely

I Wonder If The Trees Get Lonely

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Liner Notes: 

Week 5 prompt to write to a random prompt generated by the Oblique strategies. The prompt made me think of trees, emotions, and machines. I've been itching to do something different so here it is, 13 minutes long. Lots of variations on the theme. The first two minutes will give you the idea. I may do a remix shorter version later to count for my 100/180 challenge, IDK.


I wonder if the trees get lonely
Rooted to the ground never moving
I wonder if their leaves are singing
As the wind keeps blowing

I wonder if their branches feel pain
When snapped off from the winds high velocity
I wonder if their branches are bleeding
As the sap oozes out odors carried by the breeze

I wonder if they remember their parents
When the seeds are pooped out by birds miles away
When they realize they are mortal
I wonder if the trees get lonely

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definitely a lot of neat variations. I liked the swirly pads and how the arrangement keeps evolving.

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I have also wondered these exact same things.
I think they do get lonely if there are no other trees around.
I was wondering if dropped branches are like cutting your toenails or more like losing a leg or something.
I don't think trees care that they're mortal.
I think trees live completely in the moment.
They radiate strength and solidity, and yet they are perfectly capable of bending in the breeze.
Flexibility is their strength.
Their energy is so calm and calming.
In fact, I really admire trees, as strange as that may sound.
Having lived in and around large numbers of trees for the past twenty five years, I have developed a sort of kinship with them.
This is a really nice swirly headphone mix.
A strange mix of relaxing sounds topped with a little anxiety in the form of the shaker and chimes.
A great experimental track you've constructed here for sure.
Wow, great ending with that bass drone.