Think Twice Before You Go

Think Twice Before You Go

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Liner Notes: 

Gibberish that started off the melodic themes for this song(alphabet letters of title numbered and then reduced to 7 notes of a scale...)


Think Twice Before You Go
© 2020 Cindy Prince

In the North Georgia Mountains
Lake Lanier was built
250 families had to leave
They uprooted the people
Moved the cemeteries
So now there are ghosts
If you only believe

Lake Lanier
Is scarier
Than any place I know
Lake Lanier
A water burier
Think twice before you go

They moved the people
As well as the dead
Now the lake is haunted
Or so it's said

All the ghosts linger
Beneath the murky water
Waiting to pull you down
Freak accidents happen often
Far too many have died
It's best you not go there
For you too may drown
Repeat chorus

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You never cease to amaze me! Love the slow pace and the feel of it! Thank you!

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OMG! You do the random thing, too. It APPEARS you use the numbers to generate the melody, right? Here's what I do: I've got several "Real Books" of songs--hundreds of songs--and before I write a song (at least for 50/90) I ask Alexa for a number between 1 and Last Page Number In The Book, and then "steal" the chord progression from the song (although frequently with some alterations). I mean--there's only so many chord progressions and it keeps me from making all of my songs I-vi-IV-V. Smile

What is the technique called that you're doing for the melody (which sounds terrific in this one, by the way) or is it a "trade secret"?

Great job--sorry I got sidetracked on the whole "technology" issue. Lovely lyrics, Cindy.

Are you doing this?

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I think that you might be onto something with Marthie and these ghostly ballads Cindy...they are very good indeed...