No More Than 16

No More Than 16

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Liner Notes: 

so I tried something: somebody once told me the music students would play a game where you count the number in the alphabet the letter is.... and then figure out which note it would be on the piano keyboard and then use those notes to improvise on... So I took the song title and figured out the alphabet letter number and the notes and developed a theme from that. Smile I think I'll try it again in the future...


No More Than 16
© 2020 Cindy Prince

No more than 16
A runaway
Now on a street corner
Making her pay
Trying to act older
Makeup and dress
How she got here
Is anyone's guess

Was she an orphan
With no family
Why is she here
Clothed so scantily
Does she want drugs
To forget her pain
Is she drinking whiskey
But wanting champagne

What is her story
Does anyone care
Does anybody question
Why she's standing there
Is all of her hope gone
As well as her dreams
Is her young life
Even worse than it seems

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That was a good idea. This is beyond great! Somber and gosh those vocals and touching piano! Thank you!

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Ah, I've already commented at length about your "melody game", and this explains it more--apparently something you got from other music students.

Anyway...whatever you're doing, I love how things come out. My weakness is melody and I need to study that more when 5090 settles down. You have it mastered. I'm loving your and Cindy's collabs this year. Have I mentioned that before? Wink