This Halo is Combustible

This Halo is Combustible

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chemical blaze tonight
incandescent heart of light
revival of a mortal song
wandering on along

look thru my favorite lens
and with it I'm home again
all in my thoughts
pardon if we hold our minds

haulin my frost away
all i am is my rosary
then they found
a holy sound again

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Sunfire's picture

Good eye catching title. I like the musical sounds and words.

billwhite51's picture

lovely guitar work and the slightly dissonnant wurlitzer gves it a touch of weirdness. spot on expression of the lyrics, which are written and sung beautufully

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Beautiful and floaty fingerpicking and progressions, with a touch of darkness. I like that first verse especially--some great word choices there. Your songs are always so engaging--really enjoyed the listen!

gregjwere's picture

Are you using an alternative tuning here? Nice changes, lovely picking and the piano against guitar - very nice. Very nice tune, I see Simon and Garfunkle if they were a still getting into this.